Value Added Solutions

C.D.H. knows employers will always look for the job seekers who have a set of skills and values, which must be advantageous for the goodwill of company.

C.D.H. will identify the skills that most of the employers demand from job seekers. So by adapting or creating those skills it will be easier to find “People that Fit Right”.

C.D.H. works hand in hand with every person who is seeking a good job, and will assist by providing the details of what are the core company values and skills required by the employer and how he/she can develop those skills because its necessary to enter in the organization.

C.D.H. Executive Search Firm Inc. offers the following Value Added Solutions enabling us to “Place People that Fit Right” the first time around.

Recruitment/Executive Search:

  • Development of organizational structure and job specifications to meet business needs
  • Development and implementation of recruitment strategy including budgets, advertisement, candidate search, screening and interviewing
  • Delivery of quality candidates that match the organizational culture and requirements

Executive Coaching

  • Personalized counsel to assist decision makers with their effectiveness by providing practical solutions to maximize personal performance
  • Collaboration with business leaders in strategizing, managing and solving difficult business challenges using proven techniques
  • One-to-one sessions to support issues with a leadership, lifestyle, or personal focus

Bringing Top Talent into Focus/Employee Benchmarking

  • C.D.H. knows that company employees are the most important asset.
  • Employment testing helps you hire more productive employee.
  • Hire more productive employees.
  • Reduce turnover.
  • Minimize and training costs.

Career Transition Services

  • Guidance and consultation on the planning, costing and communication of individual or group terminations
  • On site support and counsel on the day of termination for decision makers and terminated employees
  • One-on-one or group sessions to assist terminated employees with difficult emotions, career planning, research, preparation of resume and marketing materials, effective use of new and traditional job search techniques, enhancing personal presentation, decision making and offer negotiation

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Skill Testing Applications for the Workplace

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