Skill Testing Applications

  • Finance and Accounting Tests
    Accounting and Finance Assessments enable you to evaluate key competencies in accounting and bookkeeping, bank teller skills, collections, financial management and more. Test knowledge of accounts receivable and accounts payable, as well as abilities with popular accounting software such as Peachtree and Quickbooks.
  • Basic Skills Testing
    Measure essential workplace competencies that the employer’s of today view as the key to success.
  • Behavioral Tests
    Skill assessments only tell you part of the story. Now you can measure an individual’s attitudes, aptitudes and characteristics to determine whether your candidate is a good fit for the job and for the organization.
  • Call Center Assessments – Customer Service & Data Entry Tests
    Assess customer service skills and sales ability using realistic simulations of call center scenarios with this job aptitude test battery.
  • Office Clerical Testing – Data Entry, Typing Tests & More
    These job aptitude tests assess critical office and clerical skills, including business English and math, typing, data entry, filing, coding, and telephone and office management skills.
  • Computer Aptitude Testing – Software Tests & More
    Tap performance-based and knowledge-based tests to assess basic understanding of all aspects of computing and the Internet, including hardware, software, networks, email and Internet browsing.
  • Essentials – Basic Skill Tests & Aptitude Assessments
    Basic skills assessments designed to measure the essential workplace competencies that today’s employers view as the key to career success, including Microsoft Office, computer literacy, and basic grammar, math, spelling and vocabulary skills.
  • Food Services Tests
    Screen applicants on the basics of food hygiene, food storage and disease prevention, and test for specific knowledge of clinical nutrition, world cuisine and food preparation techniques.
  • Identity Behavioral Tests
    Skill assessments only tell you part of the story. Now you can measure an individual’s attitudes, aptitudes and characteristics to determine whether your candidate is a good fit for the job and for the organization.
  • Industrial Skills Tests
    Test general knowledge and skills in machine skills and industrial mathematics as well as specific knowledge in a variety of disciplines, including construction, automotive, plumbing, electrical work and industrial safety with this industrial job aptitude test application.
  • IT Skills Tests
    Measure critical skills for programmers and IT professionals in a real-world code-manipulating environment.
  • Legal Tests
    Evaluate important legal office skills, including typing, audio transcription, shorthand and language skills related to working in a legal environment, with this job aptitude test battery.
  • Medical Office Tests
    Test knowledge of medical terminology, billing and filing codes, and other key medical office administrative skills.
  • Nursing Assessment
    Measure knowledge of medical coding and dosage calculations, and evaluate nursing knowledge and skills with assessments for specific fields, including critical care, surgical, intensive care, clinical radiology, labor and delivery, pediatrics, psychiatric nursing and more.
  • Retail Sales Tests
    Measure knowledge and skills required for effective retail sales work with tests based on standards established by the National Retail Foundation for the National Skills Standards Board.
  • Software Testing Portfolio
    Use state-of-the-art software simulations to test candidates on today’s top office software, including Word, Excel, Power Point and Access.
  • Staffing and HR Knowledge Tests
    Determine your HR or staffing consultant’s knowledge and skills in recruiting, sales, operations, management and training, as well as their understanding of compliance with employment rules, regulations and laws.
  • Talent Time-Adaptive Tests
    Test all the critical skills required for Microsoft Office, Call Center, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Clerical, Legal and Medical Office positions in less than half the time required by traditional testing.
  • Transcription/Typing/Data Entry Tests
    Measure speed and accuracy in typing, data entry, audio transcription, and shorthand skills for business, accounting, legal or medical office environments with this rigorous job aptitude test collection.

Specialized Solutions

  • Educational Testing
    This flexible educational testing system enables teachers and trainers to efficiently and securely administer any existing test, or any custom test developed with advanced test-making tools, to student populations large and small.
  • IC3
    Ensure your candidates have the basic computing and Internet literacy they need with IC3, the new global certification program.
  • Training
    Access self-paced training and develop new skills rapidly with professional training courses, available both online or as a software-based solution.