Presentation Skills

It’s important to realize that from the moment you step across the threshold into a recruiter’s office, you are being sized up. Dressing for success is essential because your image includes concepts, character and values projected to others – and a primary component of your image is your clothing. Do you think you and your clothing communicates that you are a winner or a loser? It’s important to know, because in the workplace you will be judged by the way you are dressed.

Employers tend to associate well-dressed applicants with intelligence and achievement. Interviewers look at your exterior as a representation of your interior; if you take the time and effort to be well-groomed, most likely you will put the same amount of time and effort into your work ethic.

Another reason your appearance is critical to the interview is because the employer is trying to determine if you are going to fit into the culture of the organization, so you want to give the impression that you are going to blend well within the company.

Most employers have dress or appearance policies and procedures. It’s wise to do your homework up front and make inquiries concerning these practices to find out what attire is suitable. If you show up over-dressed or under-dressed, you will send a message that you did not properly investigate the company’s culture.

When in doubt, err on the side of formality; conservative business attire is appropriate in most industries.