Greener Today for a Better Tomorrow

Greener Jobs are Building To the Future

Greener jobs are good jobs. Like blue-collar jobs, greener jobs pay family wages and provide future opportunities for growth and advancement in a career track that will be demanding the skills of a qualified workforce. These are jobs that do something for the planet, and improve health and sustainability of the communities that are in.

Greener Jobs Provide a Pathway to a Better Tomorrow

Most greener jobs are middle-skill jobs requiring more education than high school, but less than a four-year degree – and are well within reach for skilled and non skilled workers as long as they have access to effective training programs and appropriate supports. We must ensure that all greener jobs strategies provide opportunities for low-income people to take the first step on a pathway from poverty to economic self-sufficiency.

Greener Jobs Require Some New Skills (and some new thinking about old skills)

The green economy demands workers with a new skill sets. Newer and existing jobs are being transformed as industries make the transition to a clean energy economy. We need to gage and identify the specific skills the green economy demands. Then we need to invest in creating new training programs and retooling existing training programs to meet this demand.

Greener Jobs Tend To Be Local Jobs

Much of the work we have to do in greening up our economy involves transforming the places that we live and work and the way we view getting around. Greener Jobs are difficult or impossible to offshore. One of the major sources of manufacturing jobs — a sector that has been extensively off-shored — are components parts for wind towers and turbines. Because of their size and related high transportation costs, they are most cost-effectively produced as near as possible to wind-farm sites. Cities and communities should begin thinking now about ways that their green strategies can start to nurture the local economy and job market.

Greener Jobs Strengthens local Communities

Local Communities have been negatively impacted over the past decades by a failure to invest in their growth — Greener Jobs help provide these communities the opportunity to become active participant in helping Ontario becoming a leader in balanced growth and environmental sustainability. Greener jobs mean a reinvestment in all communities for our future.

And By the Way … Greener Jobs Save Planet Earth

This may be obvious. The “green” in Greener Jobs is about co existing and enhancing our environmental quality around us. Greener jobs are in a growing industry that is helping us become less dependent on oil, curbing and managing existing greenhouse-gas emissions, finding more sustainable business practices for industry, and protecting our natural systems.

GreenerJobs workers are installing solar panels, retrofitting buildings to make them more efficient, constructing transit lines, refining waste oil into biodiesel, diverting plastics and organic waste from out landfills, erecting wind farms, repairing hybrid cars, building green rooftops, planting trees, and so much more. And they are doing it today. There are already many Greener Jobs in Canada, but there could be so many more if we focus our economic strategies on growing a green economy.