Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Job Responsibilities:

  • Miscellaneous/Sundry duties as assigned
  • Enter Orders in Master Pack and update as needed (changes, cancels, etc.)
  • Send Auto-Confirmation of orders to stores
  • Send Call Backs to stores and monitor any outstanding call backs to ensure prompt resolution
  • Match Call Back answers with P.O.’s
  • Filing
  • Price quotations
  • Monitor daily reports for new, open, and late orders along with missed commitments
  • Order auditing orders coming back from order entry daily
  • Cancel orders in Masterpack daily and ensure all required documentation is received
  • Contact stores to advise of delays from missing materials, production delays, transportation delays, etc.
  • Any other aspects of customer satisfaction as may be required or assessed.
  • Process RGAs sent in bsales representatives and arrange for pick up of product when necessary.
  • Process warranty cases received by stores and liaise with homeowners and contractors to obtain prompt resolution. This may entail processing orders for parts on behalf of contractors.

Job Specifications:

  • Ability to learn; ongoing in-house training on products
  • Must have good reading, writing, computational, analytical, and problem solving skills
  • Must be able to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately and determine sizes for entrance systems
  • Must be computer literate and have knowledge of relevant computer software; able to use telephone system, e-mail, fax, calculator, photocopier, etc.
  • Good interpersonal skills in order to be effective on the telephone; ability to be persuasive and influence people in their opinions and judgment of the company’s products and service
  • Good organizational skills are required to plan and coordinate each day’s activities and ensure that work is completed accurately and on time

Physical Demand:

  • Ability to work in an environment of very tight deadlines
  • Sits at a desk and computer terminal for extended periods of time each day (6-7 hours)
  • Other light physical activities include standing and walking back and forth between departments or retrieving files/information, or lifting, carrying, reaching and stretching for pricing binders, etc.
  • Manual finger dexterity, speed, accuracy and hand-eye coordination is required when using computer and other office equipment
  • Must be able to respond quickly to resolve problems and occasionally to determine priorities
  • Frequent periods of intense concentration (up to 1 hour) are required when solving sizing problems for products, organizing service work orders, searching for a missing Purchase Order, investigating errors or returns, pricing orders, etc.
  • Quick learner and ability to quickly pickup and retain product information
  • Minimum of 2 years Customer Service Experience within a Manufacturing industry, along with experience in a building products environment and/or retail atmosphere
  • Able to work overtime occasionally and on weekends as dictated by the Customer account requirements
  • Working on Statutory Holidays may be required

Working Conditions while performing the job:

  • Works in a controlled and shared office area, lacking privacy
  • Work involves a high degree of visual attention and constant attention to detail with numerous distractions and interruptions
  • Subject to stress from answering complaints